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Terms and conditions for

Majority of people go online for help on the various topic. While this is often a better and more convenient way of finding solutions, there have to be some rules guarding the online resource providers as well as those who have a genuine need for help. As, we take pride in providing assistance for those who want toinstall Microsoft Windows, but we also protect ourselves and our users through our terms and conditions. As a user, you should read these carefully to make sure you can agree to them before proceeding to use any of our resources.

Some of the areas covered by terms and conditions for include:

Your privacy

We include policies that guarantee that your personal information such as your name is protected at all times after you use our website. These are usually required during the sign in process and it’s our responsibility to ensure they are protected at all times. The terms and conditions cover describes that we provide the protection as well as the situations under which we may give out such information.

Property protection

As much as we like providing assistance, our products should not be misused under any circumstances. Through the terms and conditions, we highlight this clause which prevents you as a user from using any of our resources without our prior permission or compensation.


As our customers need change, our solutions also change to meet those requirements. This section on our terms and conditions creates room for us to make necessary changes to adapt to the changing trends in technology as well as the changing demands for our users. It simply states that we have the authority to make changes as we see fit but those changes are always beneficial to the users.


This is one of the most important sections in the terms and conditions It allows us to put in our contact information which you can use anytime you have questions or concerns. Through this, we can have prompt interaction that helps build a professional relationship.


While we help you with installation processes for your Microsoft office products, we have no connection to Microsoft. As such, the products you get have nothing to do with our company and cannot be held accountable if anything goes wrong. This sections let you know that we do not provide the products and also protects us from misplaced blame in case you end up with the wrong products. It also lets you know that we are not responsible for any damages you may incur while using our website.


You should try to go through these sections and ensure you understand everything written before you agree. Agreeing to them is also mandatory if you want to use our resources which include information provided within the website. You can be assured that while these terms and conditions protect us, they do not exploit you either. Instead, they help you understand what you’re signing up for and what you should expect under different scenarios. Most people usually ignore them and head straight to the acceptance section but it is good practice to go through them before accepting them.

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